Important notice for all Junior players, coaches, and parents!

Qualifying for the 2017 Indoor Junior Atlantics will be based solely on the Roger’s Rankings. The top 8 ranked players in Atlantic Canada in each age group as of January 31st, 2017 for each gender will qualify to play in the Indoor Atlantics regardless of which province they are from. Players who are in the top 8 in an older age group, would qualify for both events. However, this is discouraged unless you plan to attend both Nationals if you qualify. If a player in the top 8 is not using their spot, the next player in the rankings would receive the spot.

The Indoor ATA Circuit will consist of 8 events, four 4* events and four 3* events. These tournaments will give players the opportunity to earn ranking points to help them move up and try to reach a top 8 ranking. Note that these are closed events for players in Atlantic Canada only.
The following is the schedule of these circuit events:
October 21-23: PEI, 3*event
November 18-20: NS, 4* event
December 2-4: NB, 4* event
December 27-29: NS, 3* event
January 6-8: NL, 3* event
January 6-8: NB, 3* event
January 14-16: PEI, 4* event split
January 20-22: NL, 4* event
January 27-29: PEI, 4* event split
February 9-12: Indoor Junior Atlantic Championships, Truro, NS
Registration for the above events is done through the respective Provincial Tennis Association in which the event is being held. General format, depending on numbers, will be standard draws with consolation. Provinces have the option to make modifications to the format.

Since there are no Under 10 rankings, players will qualify through a point’s race for the 8 available spots (boys and girls) at Indoor Atlantics.
A player’s best 3 tournament results will be used to determine standings for a point’s race using the table below. At the conclusion of all the circuit events, the top 8 boys and top 8 girls will earn spots. If one or more players are tied, then head to head results will decide the spot allocation (note points are different between a 4* and 3* event):

Points Race Schema for the Under 10 Circuit Events

Place Points (4*/3*)
W 100/75
F 70/45
3RD 50/30
4TH 40/25
QF 20/15
R16 10/7.5
CONS W 7.5/5
CONS F 5/3
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