Doubles Schedule for Sunday July 26th


Please note that if it is raining or the radar/forecast is suggesting a high likelihood of rain in the morning or for the day the decision as to whether the matches will be going ahead or cancelled until next Sunday will be made by 9am please watch for an update on the website and social media. If the tournament is put off until next Sunday the draw will be opened up for additional entries.


Men’s Doubles

10:00 AM – Alasdair & Don Cameron vs Huy & SebastienNguyen

10:00 AM – Jack Digout / Mark Wiebe VS Cezar Campeanu / Alex Quinn

10:45 AM – Tim Hockin / Neil Moore Vs TBD


Women’s Doubles

10:00 AM – Maria Campeanu / Annika Wiebe VS Jessica Brown / Karla yepez

10:45 AM – Maria Campeanu / Annika Wiebe VS Meghan Adams / Olivia Adams

11:30 AM – Jessica Brown / Karla Yepez VS Meghan Adams / Olivia Adams


Mixed Doubles

12:15 PM – Jennifer Roma/Daniel Arsenault VS Tiffany Chong/Don Cameron

12:30 PM – Meghan Adams / Mark Wiebe VS Terry Macneill / Sean Wiebe

12:30 PM – Nairuti Vyas / Alex Quinn VS Maria Campeanu / Tom Tao

12:30 PM- Olivia Adams / Shulin Ji VS Annika Wiebe / Jack Digout

1:30 PM – Maggie Chong / Tim Hockin VS TBD