Please find the doubles schedule for Sunday below.

The match format has been slightly shortened as there is the potential for some to be playing 6 or 7 matches in the one day.

There is the slight risk or rain on Sunday morning so watch for an update.

All Main Draw Doubles Matches will be 2 sets to 5 with a tie-breaker at 4 game a piece, no-ad scoring, and if sets are split a tie-breaker to 7.

Consolation matches will be 2 sets to 4 with a tie breaker at 3 games a piece, no-ad scoring, and if sets are split a tie-breaker to 7.

5 minute tournament warm—up

We ask all participants to sign in and sanitize hands upon arrival.

There will be 4 balls for each match, with 2 ball identified for each individual or doubles team.

Please continue to work to keep the 6ft. distancing at all times and no physical contact.

Doubles Schedule for Sunday September 20

Sun 9am          MD      Jack Digout/William Wang vs Alasdair Cameron/Don Cameron

Sun 9am          MD      Huy Nguyen/Sebastian Nguyen vs Jordan MacGregor/Zach Sanayie

Sun 9am          MD      Tim Hockin/Neil Moore vs Larry Koughan/Matthew Koughan

Sun 9am          MD      Daniel Arsenault/Alex Quinn vs Charlie Wang/Mark Wiebe

Sun 10am        WD      Final Cincy Chen/Meghan Adams vs Maria Campeanu/Annika Wiebe

Sun 10am        MD      Semi

Sun 10am        MD      Semi

Sun 10am        MD      Cons

Sun 10am        MD      Cons

Sun 11am        MD      Final

Sun 11am        MD      Cons

Sun 12 MXD    Maggie Chong/Alasdair Cameron vs Meghan Adams/Josh Corkum

Sun 12 MXD    Tiffany Chong/Jacky Chong vs Terry Lynn Macneill/Neil Moore

Sun 1pm          MXD    Annika Wiebe/Alex Quinn vs Jennifer Roma/Daniel Arsenault

Sun 1pm          MXD     Debbie Christie/ Don Cameron vs Peyton Henderson/ Zach Sanayie

Sun 1pm          MXD    Maria Campeanu/Mark Wiebe vs TBA

Sun 1pm          MXD    Cincy Chen/Jack Digout vs TBA