Dear Tennis Players,

As trees breathe in the last sips of Summer I am sad to inform you that our beloved Royalty Racquet Centre will close on December 31, 2023.

We thank APM and Killam for allowing us to lease this vital space for an unexpected year of tennis.  If their plans change and allow us to continue to lease it on a monthly basis, we will let you know and  gladly continue to inspire young and old in-between the lines.

We have three and a half months to play, learn, gather, and compete inside the RRC.  Let’s use this time to grow our game and plan for the future.  We are operating the club full time from today until the last day.  Book a court, join a lesson, tell a friend.
Tennis is for everyone.

We will announce the Royalty Smash Bash Tournament next week.
A final competition to celebrate our great game in our only indoor space.

I know this is hard news but we’ve been here before.
We got through then, we’ll get through now.
We will emerge stronger, tougher, wiser and more resilient.
We have made great strides together.
It is that indomitability which will take us to heights not ‘for seen.

Until I see you, watch the ball, keep your head up, breathe, believe.

We can do it.  Promise.

Dave Mitchell
Executive Director
Tennis PEI