Tennis PEI Covid-19 News Update


Although tennis is played in almost all cases with the appropriate social distancing requirement to meet the standards to return in an earlier Phase of the  Renew PEI Together Plan, it didn’t make the grade until Phase 3 as it is played at recreation facilities. Nor did it qualify for an earlier phase because of shared equipment (the tennis balls).

In the coming weeks Tennis PEI will work to keep you up to date with opportunities to play tennis as the restrictions are lifted.

Check out the Recreation Components of the Renew PEI Together Plan Below

This is Phase Three of four distinct phases that will be implemented with a progressive lifting of public health measures on individuals, communities and organizations over three-week periods.

Potential Start June 12, 2020

Slightly larger indoor and outdoor gatherings

Potential to re-introduce gatherings of no more than 15 people indoor, and 20 people outdoors (for example, religious gatherings, large families having visitors or playing frisbee in the park)

  • maintain physical distancing with individuals who are not part of one’s household
  • permitted to share equipment among individuals from different households when necessary and with precautions (e.g. soccer ball, library book, trying on clothes)

Organized recreational activities and facilities

Potential to re-introduce organized recreational activities, recreational facilities, services and public spaces while following physical distancing and mass gathering guidance:

  • organized recreational activities permitted may include:
    • soccer
    • baseball
    • football
    • tennis……………. “YEAH”
    • day camps
  • recreational facilities allowed to re-open may include:
    • swimming pools, hot tubs and outdoor spas
    • arenas, wellness recreational centres
    • bowling alleys
    • gyms and fitness facilities
    • yoga and pilates studios
  • public spaces permitted to re-open may include:
    • art galleries
    • libraries
    • youth centres and community centres